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The innovative system of aluminium minimal frame systems

Based on the study, knowledge and development, of the most recognised minimal frame systems on the market, OTIIMA provides an unique combination of high-technology minimal aluminum frames, incorporated with the best freestanding glass, exceptional binding polyamides and a special multiple lock system. OTIIMA is the perfect solution for your project, when the combination of high-standard quality, technology and aesthetics is your reason of choice.

Patent Pending INPI Nº109111 and Nº109099



    By using self-supporting glasses, OTIIMA systems pushes back architectural limits and offers the possibility to use glazed surfaces up to 36 Sq m.


    From the floor to the ceiling, 20mm vertical reinforced profiles provides a minimal appearance merging indoor and outdoor into one, with top quality guarantee. The slim and elegant handle, provides a streamlined appearance, which combined with the special OTIIMA rolling system, guaranties the easily hand opening, closing and maintenance of the panels. As option, for an even higher level of comfort, the system can be motorized and automatically remote controled.


    Exceptional water tightness performances: Class E1050 (best reached class in the minimal frame systems market);
    Air permeability: Class 4;
    Wind resistance: Class C5 and Sound insulation: Up to Rw = 37 dB.


    Exceptional binding polyamides and high energy performance glasses, assures a top thermal and acoustic, efficiency and a warm comfort feeling. OTIIMA is available in single, double and triple glass.


    In combination with a safe toughened glass, the OTIIMA exclusive security lock system assures a high quality level of security to the windows. With the brand new security system, OTIIMA offers you a hidden lock, an elegant solution unique on the market.


    OTIIMA offers a full and complete range of solutions according to each architecture project needs.


    A technical team especially dedicated to each national market is in charge of projet accompanying, technical assistance, assembly and after-sales service.




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The slimmest OTIIMA solution, which is common used for interior housing/office partitions, are available in the following systems: sliding panels, pivot doors and fixed glass partitions. The OTIIMA 12 series offers you the possibility to use framed hidden profiles, that can also be use in double and triple parallel glasses (fixed partitions), for an improved sound insulation performance, or to adapt a interior shutter solution.

Single glass system for interior use, or as additional complement for OTIIMA 38 and 54 series (shutters, screens, blinds, curtains, balustrades...).

Double glass system with a possible glass surface up to 12 Sq m per panel. Excellent performances sealing air/wind/water. Available in the following systems: sliding panels, pivot doors, sash vertical panels, full open corner, sliding pocket panels and fixed panels.

Double glass system, with a possible glass surface up to 18 Sq m per panel. Excellent thermal and acoustic performance and exceptional performance sealing air/wind/water. Available in the following systems: sliding panels, pivot doors, sash vertical panels, full open corner, sliding pocket panels and fixed panels.

Double or triple glass system, with a possible glass surface up to 23 Sq m per panel. Exceptional thermal, acoustic and sealing air/wind/water performances. Available in the following systems: sliding panels, pivot doors, sash vertical panels, full open corner, sliding pocket panels and fixed panels.

.Rim profiles with reinforced binding polyamides for an improved thermal insulation performance

. Our system uses a toughned double or triple glass (from 38mm up to 54mm) that allows an optimized resistance

. Perimeter profiles with the same size and configuration of the sliding series profiles. You may now have tilt & turn and sliding windows in the same building without noticing the difference between windows systems

. Reversible opens through 165º - the cleaning of the outside glass becomes an easy task

. Excellent sound absorption of 34 - 48 dB. Your home is now a place of calm

. Double glass pane as bracing element offers a complete protection of the frame and reduce the maintenance costs

. The highest design appeal since, from the outside, the window appears as a facade


OTIIMA windows can include sloping and curved glasses, which develops more and more solutions for your project.
Let’s choose a total comfort by filtering part of the light, or completely closing it. As an option, sun protections systems can be integrated on the inside or outside of the windows.
OTIIMA windows can be motorized. Today, we can install the automatism in any location of the window.
To manage access control, or for optimal security, an electromagnetic lock can be included into OTIIMA windows.
The OTIIMA new generation windows allows a perfect integration of alarm cells.
You are now able to operate your windows motorisation with classic switches, or with a global home automation system. This last solution offers you new possibilities for a safer and more comfortable product.
A gutter system can be incorporated into your OTIIMA windows in order to drain off the rainwater.
You can now equip your OTIIMA window with an anti-mosquito net. Using the OTTIMA fly-net system you are able to keep the window opened without reducing visibility or air flow, protecting you always against insects in general. The fly-net can be installed in sliding parallel panels to the OTIIMA window, on the inside or outside, with the maximum size of 3x3 meters (larger dimensions under consultation). You can also install the fly-net using a hidden retractable vertical roll, attached to the window sheet, with a maximum opening size of 40cm.

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Partners around the world

OTIIMA's Independent Partners Around The World

It was in 1955 that Valentin Allaert started to make aluminium construction. His father Maurice was an Architect, specialised in churches. After a while he took over his father’s roof tile company “Tuileries du Lauwberg”. In 1980 Serge Allaert succeeded his father Valentin. Serge’s son Thomas joined him recently, he is the seventh consecutive generation in the building and construction sector. Nowadays, Allaert is OTIIMA's Partner in Belgium, Netherlands and Scandinavia.

Belgium, Netherlands & Scandinavia


Founded in 1984 and with more than 400 works held in Brazil and all over the world, Galtier Group has its focus activities in distribution and development projects, involving special glass, aluminum and metal structures, acting in accordance with the strictest national and international standards with standard quality.





Galtier Group

Sensitive to architecture, Fabrice Liogier created his own brand of stairs with a very specific signature. His company, Frame System, represents OTIIMA in both french and swiss markets.







Frame System

Consulting4Systems is a consulting and sales company that offers various architectural systems for office, library, public and private construction. Nowadays, it is also OTIIMA's independent business German partner.







The object of KINOUSSIS Group Company activity is the study, the manufacture & the commercialization of frames. The company is distinguished for its highly complex structures and gained its reputation for offering and placing windows in several complex architectural structures.KINOUSSIS Group presents works in New York, Monte Carlo, Italy, Holland, Bulgaria, St. Petersburg, Cairo, the Caribbean, Istanbul, Cyprus & in many other countries


Kinoussis Group

MIXX WINDOWS is a company dealing in High end solutions for the Door and window Industry in India. They are currently catering to High end Clientele and a very professional network of Architects and Interior Designers offering solutions in Aluminium, Alu-wood and Engineered Burma Teak and wood Alu-systems.




Mixx Windows

Hamedayek is a family company, founded in 1970, this aluminum factory raised the banner of uncompromising quality and emphasis on customer service. The company has developed and has become a leader in the Israeli country in the production and installation of aluminum windows, shading products and wood windows.





Modulo is a company formed by three engineers specialized in facade engineering and installation with more than 10 years of experience in the Gulf region and in Lebanon.







Modulo Facades

OTIIMA has now a team in Morocco and a new showroom in Casablanca.











OTIIMA Morocco

José Maria Ferreira, is founder and manager of his own company, over more than 25 years, and stands out by his pioneering, that focuses on developing customized solutions based on the establishment of close relations and partnership between industry, research, new technology and architecture. Responsible for the introduction of the minimal frame systems on the Ibérico market (2003) and founder of his own first brand-system (2008), José Maria Ferreira develops and presents to the market on 2014, the new updated system of minimal frames and brand, OTIIMA.



Alumilux is OTIIMA's partner in Spain. They are specialists in aluminium, steel and glass. They combine knowledge and experience to design and execute creative solutions in architecture. Their goal is to defend the original idea of the architect and, to achieve it, they listen and advise, understand the overall concept of the project and, with demand and engineering, they obtain results with added value.




OTIIMA has now a team in UK and a new office space in London.










United Kingdom


OTIIMA USA is operated by a large team located in Los Angeles Ca serving the entire US market through dealer distribution. Heading operations in the states are Taylor and Stacy Titoni who have owned The Lusso Company and Titoni Built since 2003 focusing on sales and installation of high-end windows and doors. Backed by a team of qualified experts, OTIIMA USA is prepared to assist you with your project needs.










OTIIMA Plus System Wins Red Dot Design Award

OTIIMA 38 Plus System Wins Red Dot Best Product Design Award 2017

OTIIMA Art works by José Pedro Croft

Uncertain Measure, the Portuguese representation at the Venice biennial, curated by João Pinharanda, Will open to the public on May 10th. In Público Newspaper


Imagine a sliding window with no visible frame profiles...




OTIIMA – International brand associated for three major areas of activity: metal works, frame works and art productions.
The property, production and commercialization of all works associated with OTIIMA’s brand in Portugal is carried out by the company ECOSTEEL, which is also OTIIMA’s Headquarters. Internationally, the representation, and commercialization of OTIIMA is ensured for each of the markets by OTIIMA’s respective partners or by OTIIMA’s local alliances according to the previously settled with ECOSTEEL. OTIIMA is a trademark property of ECOSTEEL.